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Studio consists of four differently, well designed rooms (2 studio rooms + 1 booth + 1 control room), in a new concrete building (2005) with specific acoustical study for each application. The control room (18sqm), is a room designed/constructed by Professional Acoustics, only for this purpose giving the real frequency response of your recordings! In-house co-producers specialized in high gain ... Heavy, Rock music.

Studio Aspiotis is a professional Tracking, Mixing and Mastering suite located in Athens, Greece, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.




Erase / Greece

Scarblade / Gr-Sweden

Sorrowful Winds / Greece

Spitfire / Greece

Recently, studio Aspiotis (through George Aspiotis himself) & our band (Sorrowful Winds-Gre) had some re-amping, mixing and mastering sessions with the best possible results! The studio is perfectly equipped, the know-how is of the highest level and George, although he is very professional, he also makes you feel like home! That's great!


Tasos Iosifidis / Sorrowful Winds

So it looks like the mixing phase of the new "Spitfire" album is right around the corner now.... Getting closer guys. I think this will be a HUGE sounding record and one hell of a journey to listen to. We got some amazing sounds from the George Aspiotis Studio.Thanks George!


George Paximadis / Spitfire

I collaborated with studio Aspiotis for the recordings of the band Scarblade (ex-Ruthless Steel). George has great experience and knowledge on the whole process and the outcome was amazing. I had the opportunity to watch all the procedures from recordings to mastering so I could make a comparison with other studios. George is a professional!


Konstantinos Papadimitriou / Scarblade

We collaborated with Mr. Aspiotis last year for 4 months, from July - October 2015, for the needs of our new song with Erase called "Easy Riders". As a sound engineer myself, i found the whole proccess quite interesting and innovative, especially with the drum recordings section. Analog mixing proccess of course was the ultimate finishing touch!


Panagiotis Zouvelos / Erase

Doron Eitan / Israel

I recorded my song to Euromusic UK with Geroge. he is very professional and a wonderful person...full with patience and also did the mastering and added violin to my song. I recommend him to everyone and hope I'd be able to work with him in the future again. thank you George!


Doron Eitan / Solo Artist

Julia Crystal  / Brazil

I am so happy to have found a professisonal that meets all my expectations, always bringing the best result. Competence and dedication are your brand. But he is also very kind and attentive. Our most recent work was "The Daughter of The Poet" I love it and I hope to work with him on more productions soon.


Julia Crystal / Solo Artist

Kostas Kyriakidis / U.K.

Wild Rose / Greece

George is a very professional and passionate recording engineer. He pays great attention to detail and he is always willing to go the extra mile no matter how small the project is. I tracked drums at his studio last summer and the results were very impressive. I would recommend his studio to any musician looking for a professional&friendly service


Kostas Kyriakidis / Raw SIlk

Some people really love what they do and give you the best result out of it; one of them is Mr. George Aspiotis from Studio Aspiotis. Studio Aspiotis worked for the mastering of our album "Hit 'n' Run" and when we got the finished result back, it really sounded extraordinary. This guy really knows how an album should sound like!


Andy Rock / Wild Rose