Worked with:

Warlord (usa)
Nightfall (gre-swe)
Spitfire (gre)

Mark Zonder (usa)

Rawsilk (gre-uk)
Wild Rose (gre)
Sam Redman (gre)
Julia Crystal (bra)
Kingdragon (gre)
Eso Chora (usa-gre)
Scarblade (gre-swe)
Decoy Paris (usa)
Erase (gre)
Sorrowful Winds (gre)
Beyond Our Galaxy (gre)

Retched (usa)
ShadowLynx (usa)

Steelwood (gre)

AOR Boulevard Records (usa)
Retrospect Records (usa)
Holy Records (fra)
Molon Lave Records (usa)
Sleazy Riders Records (gre)
No Remorse Records (gre)
BMG Greece (gre)
Ria Music (gre)
Alone Records (gre)

George Aspiotis is a professional audio engineer, mixer and record producer in rock music for bands and artists since 1993. He began recording and mixing music at the young ages on a Neve 8078, and Solid State Logic 4k consoles. He is a multi instrumentalist musician and he has more than 30k Hours in studio recording and more than 110 albums as musician, engineer and mixer. Recently he has been awarded with a Golden Record Award for his mastering in the "Aliens" of Warlord (usa)!

With Ulf Kruckenberg
George Aspiotis with Rammstein's Sound Engineer, Ulf Krukenberg
Micking Guitars
Amping Guitars at Studio Aspiotis
CME-Pro X-key
Endorsed by CME-Xkey
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40 Vosporou, 17124
Athens , Greece


Tel: +30.6941.620745

Our studio is open 6 days a week:


Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm

Saturday - 12am - 8pm

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Micking Guitars

Amping Guitars at Studio Aspiotis